Gold Trinket Stone Necklaces : Something Silver

Gold Trinket Stone Necklaces

Product Dimensions:8mm stone / 16 inch chain


Please select the color and size (if applicable).

The Trinket Stone Necklace has long been our best seller! This sweet & dainty necklace is the perfect every-day accessory that is sure to give you years of wear! Gold Vermeil.

Healing Stone Properties

  • Amethyst- Protection, Mental Balance, Calming
  • Aqua Chalcedony- Courage, Truth, Centering
  • Blue Chalcedony- Communication, Expression, Health
  • Black Spinel- Energy, Beauty, Longevity
  • Clear Quartz- Focus, Meditative, Healing
  • Carnelian- Inspiration, Vitality, Self-Esteem
  • Chrysoprase- Fertility, Clarity, Positivity
  • Garnet- Emotional Balance, Enlightenment, Heart Health
  • Pyrite- Memory,Leadership, Problem Solving
  • Lemon Quartz- Focus, Meditative, Healing
  • Purple Mystic Topaz- Openness, Honesty, Communication
  • Prehnite- Visualization, Inspiration, Flow
  • Smokey Quartz- Vitality, Intuition, Sexual Energies
  • Labradorite- Intellect, Inspiration, Intuition


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