Never Give Up Narrow Alpaca Metal Cuff Bracelet : Something Silver

Never Give Up Narrow Alpaca Metal Cuff Bracelet

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This inspirational alpaca metal cuff bracelet reads: NEVER GIVE UP. Alpaca is a jeweler&##39;s alloy of copper, zinc and nickel, also commonly known as "German Silver" or "Nickel Silver". As some have a reaction to nickel, alpaca is used in places where it does not have prolonged contact with skin; cuff bracelets are lined in brass. Mima & Oly by Far Fetched. Far Fetched&##39;s products are all Fair Trade and handcrafted by a small community of artisans in Mexico for over 30 years. Your purchase helps men and women earn a living wage while working in their community rather than migrating to distant factories and living in urban slums. Far Fetched&##39;s intention is simple: Be a positive influence in our world!  Product Dimensions: 3/16-inch wide, 5-1/2-inches long. Adjustable to fit most wrists.

For over 30 years, Far Fetched has been designing fun, creative and heartfelt jewelry, rich in culture and craft. Their mission is simple: Be a positive influence in our world! Designed in Sonoma, CA and crafted by their sister company in Taxco, Mexico by artisans that have been with Far Fetched for decades thanks to their commitment to preserve this tradition of silversmithing for future generations. They practice Fair Trade, uses environmentally friendly methods and offers interest free loans to help their artisans invest in their own businesses and their futures.

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