Opal & Topaz Angels Teardrop Ring : Something Silver

Opal & Topaz Angels Teardrop Ring

Product Dimensions:7X5MM Opal


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A gorgeous mix of natural opal and white topaz, this ring is a staple from our collection. It looks lovely as a stand alone piece, but this ring with a white topaz band also nests beautifully with other stacking rings. 18kt gold vermeil with ethiopian opal and natural white topaz.

Cindy Kaiser, A Swiss native, born and raised in Zimbabwe and now living the American dream in the windy city of Chicago. She designs and manufactures her jewelry between Chicago, Jaipur and overseas, which draws upon the colorful travels and European adventures for design inspiration. She often travels to Zurich, Switzerland to visit family and is inspired by the picturesque village settings, lush green pastures and pristine mountain tops and lakes. This gold vermeil collection is simplistic with a touch of contemporary and a splash of color, featuring stones like Moonstones, Opals, and Diamonds. Each stone is hand-picked for its beauty and the natural inclusions make each piece unique and dreamy.

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