Muzzy Polished Gopher : Something Silver

Muzzy Polished Gopher

Product Dimensions:52 X 40mm Lens


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The Muzzy takes on some new angles, where other frames fear to tread. It was time to dust off the protractor and get an obtuse, acute, and right-angle muscles back from the Cortisone shots received earlier this month. Caddis may have even used a little sine, cosine, and tangent in the creation of Muzzy. Why, you ask? So you do not have to. You are welcome. Muzzy is a bold, sturdy frame that will sit on any face&hellipwait&hellipthat did not come out right. Point being, these look great on (almost) everyone.

All Caddis lenses are designed to block blue light while reducing smudging and glare.

Quality you can feel: premium, durable materials, thoughtful designs, and careful craftsmanship.

Your Caddis frames come nestled on top of a soft, custom-designed microfiber bag for storage.

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